Our standard appointment time is 15 minutes (as recommended by RACGP). If you think you need more time than this, please ask reception to book you a double appointment. Please understand if your doctor asks you to continue the discussion at another appointment for the sake of others with appointments after you.

Appointments are encouraged for routine matters, including long term health conditions, preventative health and immunisation, screening tests (eg. pap smears), and completion of forms and paperwork. TAC and workcover matters, are best dealt with at an appointment with your regular doctor.


We organise regular tele-health consultation for patients in different specialities including psychiatry. We are also PCEHR ready.

New Patients

Please consider making a double appointment if you are a new patient to our medical centre. This will allow your doctor to spend relevant time required asking about your history and completing some basic checks. It is best if a summary of your health is available from your previous doctor, ideally at your first consultation. A release form can be obtained from reception.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time, bringing with you your Medicare card and any concession cards, so that all relevant information can be collected.

Test Results follow up/ Referrals

In the course of your care with your treating doctor, tests, investigations and referrals may be required to establish a diagnosis and management plan.

While it is the treating doctor’s advice and recommendation to undertake investigation or referral, it is your responsibility if you agree with that advice, to do tests or to attend the specialist as directed. Unless advised otherwise, patients are requested to follow up results by ringing the practice in the afternoon, 2-3 days after the tests has been done.

This ensures:

  • That you and your doctor can check that the results have been received and reviewed.
  • That you are aware of the outcome of your test and whether you may need an urgent (within days) or non-urgent (2-4 weeks) appointment
  • That your doctor knows that you have agreed to participate in ongoing care.

“Normal” results (blood tests, PAP smears, breast screen etc.) do not guarantee that all is well. Remain alert but not alarmed with your health issues and seek ongoing review if concerned or persistently unwell. Recall letters for PAP smear/blood tests/mammograms etc. will be sent to you with your permission. We would appreciate a prompt response as this reduces the significant work involved in contacting patients who have not responded.