Medical Students

Teaching and training, next generation of health professionals, is part of our mission. We provide a structured approach to medical education in general practice.

Medical Students from University of Melbourne, spend 6 weeks general practice rotation at Inglis Medical.




Useful resources and links are provided to medical students, on this page. Students are encouraged to use Google Hangouts (inglismc) to communicate before and during their general practice placement at Inglis Medical Centre.

1. It is expected that student familiarise themselves with the resources provided, before their first day of orientation at Inglis Medical. Following briefing presentation is a useful resource to understand our structured approach.

Medical Student Debriefing

All students are asked to provide feedback on completion of their 6 weeks rotation. Medical students feedback form:

Medical students Feedback Form

Medical interview Skills and communication skills are one of the area of focus during students rotation. An explanation of communication and medical interview skills is following:

Communication Skills matrix

Six week rotation involves spending time with all team members, observing consultations and procedures, taking part in supervised or parallel consultations. A proposed 6 week time table is provided here. Students will be asked to customise their own timetable after first day of orientation.



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