Our Awards and Achievements


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General Practice of the Year award by RACGP-Victoria. 2015

Inglis Medical team received this prestigious award in recognition of its commitments to general practice, education and patient care.


(Dr. Yousuf Ahmad, Dr David Monash and Dr. Frank Jones, President RACGP)

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Uni Melb

Outstanding Teacher Award (Dr. Yousuf Ahmad)

Melbourne University 2015


VHA awards

Rural General Practice of the Year Award by RWAV 2015

Inglis Medical Centre was awarded this award in recognition of its quality service as rural general practice.


(Kylie Nair and Dr. Yousuf Ahmad)

Uni Melb

Best Teaching Practice Award by Melbourne University 2013


(Jos Monash, Dr. David Monash, Dr. Yousuf Ahmad, Kylie nair)

Uni Melb

Victorian Metropolitan Alliance Prize in General Practice 2015

Inglis Medical provides a structured approach towards medical education. One of our students (Julia Donald) was nominated and received best student award in General Practice.


(Julia Donald receiving her award)

“She analyses problems presented by patients in all dimensions of health. She always handled consultations and briefing sessions with the utmost professionalism and maturity.”          
Dr Yousuf Ahmad, Inglis Medical Centre