Mental Health

Shae (Mental Health Nurse)

Our Mental Health Nurse, Shae, is a multi-skilled practitioner, who as part of a team contributes to the provision of high quality mental health care, in the general practice setting. Shae works closely with general practitioners to facilitate the provision of coordinated clinical care and treatment for people with severe mental disorders.

Her duties include:

  • Carry out an assessment of the mental health status of individuals using a holistic framework
  • Regularly review the patient’s mental state
  • Work in partnership with patients on identified issues, within the scope and practice of the Mental Health Nurse’s duties
  • Establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient
  • Administering, monitoring and ensuring compliance by patients with their medications and providing information on physical health care to patients
  • Provide initial contact on physical health care to patients
  • Telephone and situation crisis management

Co-ordination of Services for patients with severe mental disorders

Our Mental Health Nurse refers to, collaborates and co-ordinates with other health workers to ensure optimal patient care, giving due regard to ethics and confidentiality. Our nurse co-ordinates with other health professionals on preventative health, promotion and community based programs. Our Mental Health Nurse will co-ordinate services for the patients in relation to general practitioners, psychiatrists and allied health workers, including access to interventions from other health professionals as required.


Our Mental Health Nurse may assist patients with taking primary responsibility for their physical and emotional health through providing counselling and support services for stress management, mental health care plans, drug and alcohol, domestic violence and mental health care plans. Our Nurse is also able to provide family planning counselling and advice where appropriate.