Inglis Medical Centre was built in 2010. It was a joint venture between doctors from Mason House Medical Clinic and Medical Consultation Rooms, Sale.

DSC01965    reception lounge


Our practice prides itself on the quality of medical care from our team of General Practitioners, who are committed to serving the health needs of the local community.


The GPs have a wide range of medical history and expertise, from mental health and acupuncture, to paediatrics and women’s health. We endeavour to provide a holistic approach through our team of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. In 2014, Inglis Medical Centre, opened doors for the Julie Hearsy Rehabilitation Centre.


We are also dedicated to the teaching and training of future General Practitioners and Nurses. Medical Students from the University of Melbourne and Monash University are also attached to our practice. Our doctors attend regular educational meetings, and are focused on maintaining and improving their medical skills and knowledge.

Inglis Medical Clinic has an experienced nursing team. Our Nurses have special interests including wound care, immunisation and Women’s Health. We also have a Mental Health Nurse, who provides support to people with mental health disorders.

Inglis Medical Centre shares its premises with Allied Health Providers. We aim to provide integrated multidisciplinary care to our patients through podiatry and physiotherapy, along with dietary and diabetic education. Inglis Medical Centre also has an onsite pathology service and a community pharmacy, both of which are open to the public.