Senior Psychologist Dr Kenneth Preiss.

Dr Preiss holds a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Applied Psychology both from Flinders University, Adelaide, as well as, a Master of Commerce and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, in which he researched various aspects of applied and theoretical psychology within clinical and organisational settings and published 30 independently reviewed research papers.

He pursued further education and for 17 years held professorial positions around the globe.

Kenneth has held advisory, as well as, professorial positions in the USA, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as his home country Australia. He attended the Harvard University Business School (Boston) Case Analysis and Discussion Workshop and is also an Accredited Entrepreneurship Teacher from Babson College, Massachusetts, USA.

Dr Preiss was a member of the Academy of Management and Emerald Literati Network and awarded the Academy of Management citation in recognition of outstanding service to the Academy as International Liaison. He was also independently ranked the 18th most influential global thinker and researcher in Knowledge Management.

Kenneth has consulted to both large and small corporations around the globe on people, their welfare. He has been psychologist, therapist and advisor to CEOs and employees alike. Dealing with a breakdown in interpersonal relationships (both personal and business) forms a large portion of services he delivers.

Being a keen sportsperson, Kenneth played over 250 games of football and a team tennis player winning 4 of 6 championships.

As a practicing psychologist, Kenneth like to elicit an informed understanding of the challenges facing the client then formulate the most appropriate process and steps to assist the client move forward in their life whilst also enhancing their capacity to accumulate resilience and personally apply the cognitive resources that facilitate personal growth and overall wellbeing.


To benefit from Medicare rebates, you must obtain a Mental Health Plan (MHP) from your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist (please note that private health funds may also reimburse part of the fees, when a MHP is not available). Medicare provides rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year for psychological services, 6 initial sessions, and 4 successive sessions if required. The additional sessions will be discussed with your psychologist if needed.

The first session, which consists in an initial assessment, is always booked as a 50-minute session. The second and third appointments are also usually 50-minute sessions. Appointments are often made on a fortnight basis, although your specific needs will be discussed in session.


 Muhammad  Yousuf

BchPsych (Honours) Master of Professional Psychology Practice

Muhammad is a provisionally registered psychologist with AHPRA. He provides phone or video counselling, as well as face to face services, depending on the need of the clients. The service will be open through GP referrals or self-referrals. His counselling services will offer a broad range of interventions as governed by best practice, to manage a wide range of presentations for all age groups.

Appointments are available through HeadtoHelp Wellington.